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Private Coaching

Private Golf Tuition

Assessment Programme

All individual coaching at Kingswood begins with a 30 minute assessment. During this time your coach will assess various areas of your game to determine your strengths and weaknesses. From here the coach will identify what areas to work on and in what style to literally transform your golf ability.

The assessment is a fun process and probably the first time you will have ever had someone take so much genuine interest in your golf and improving it!

See a Kingswood Pro or contact us to book a time that suits you.


  • No two programmes are the same you will have a highly personalised plan to improve your golf.
  • You will develop a one to one relationship with a KGA coach, allowing him to always get the most from you.


Yes, if you want one to one coaching to ensure personal attention and to work at a pace and style that suits your learning style and the goals you have.

Using state of the art video analysis and top training aids from around the world we aim to deliver the best golf coaching in the area.

Tuition package are available, prices vary, please speak to the pro you wish to receive tuition from for more detail.


Juniors are the heart beat of Kingswood Golf Academy and our programme is always being developed to ensure a youngsters talent is drawn out as easily and effectively as possible. Whether you want to be a future World No. 1, or just play for fun, the CGA Junior Programme will give you the best possible coaching. As you progress through each stage you will receive a certificate to acknowledge your progress.

From time to time KGA organise competitions for juniors where they compete against similar standards for prizes and trophies.


  • Regular tuition that follows a programme that helps you measure your progress.
  • Learn with similar standard children as you progress through the levels
  • The very best juniors specific coaching at a fraction of the cost of individual coaching.


Yes, if you are a boy or a girl aged from 5-16 years of age and want to be part of a programme that has no limits, yet allows you to learn at your own pace.