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Equipment Health Centre


Welcome to The Workshop

At Kingswood Golf Centre we have a fully equipped repair shop that is manned by PGA Qualified professionals.

We have a wide selection of grips and shafts and carry out all work on the premises. Next day service is the norm and in some cases repairs can be carried out whilst you wait. Members of staff can also advise on grip thickness, shaft availability and loft and lie requirements.

Can fresh grips really improve my game? 
By themselves, fresh grips can only allow you to approach your potential as a golfer. They can’t overcome a bad swing, or poor alignment, or any of the other faults that bedevil even the best golfers. But a national survey of golfers showed that 66% of those who had clubs re-gripped showed an average drop of three to four strokes per round!

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Shafts Overview
The shaft of a golf club stores and delivers the energy of a golfer’s downswing. For a well-struck shot, the shaft’s flex has to match your swing speed so the clubhead arrives at the ball pointed squarely to your target. If the shaft’s flex releases the clubhead a few degrees too soon or too late, you may have trouble finding the fairway consistently.

Have your clubs checked out by our qualified staff free of charge!

Loft and Lie facility
Try our unique loft and lie facility – £30 per set and see the difference!

If you’re tall or short, and/or have an unusually shallow or steep swing, you may want to check whether the lie angle of your irons is appropriate. At the point of impact, if the head of the club is too flat (i.e. the toe points down) it can drag on the grass, acts for an instant as a pivot, and causes the plane of the face to tile towards the right – which is where the ball will go. If the lie is too upright, the heel of the club will dig in and cause pulled shots to the left.

As a rule, shorter golfers will generally benefit from slightly flatter lies; taller golfers may need them tweaked upright a little.
Shoe Care Centre 
At our shoe care area we have everything you need for your golf shoes.

Every make of stud and softspike for all shoes.

Scorpion Soft Spikes
Black Widows
Champ Spikes
Adidas Spikes and Softspikes

– in all threads

Have your Shoes serviced ready for the Season. For just £10 we will replace the spikes clean and polish them ready to go.